Named Entity Recognition

General methods for using named entity recognition to map locations in a text along with a specific example using a Danielle Steel book.

A Couple Months in Mexico

I arrive in Mexico City where I spend a week before exploring the Yucatan peninsula for a couple weeks. I then head to Guanajuato by way of Mexico City for two weeks for Spanish classes and then return to the United States for three weeks to visit Ashley and tag along with her job at Camp Grounded. Finally I fly back to Guanajuato for more Spanish classes before departing for Bogota, Colombia.

Weather 1, Matt 0

I planned on a week through the Channel Islands but the weather conspired against a visit and led to a 1500-mile tour of Central California from the Eastern Sierra to China Lake and Yosemite. After that I spent a week exploring the Bay

A Stint Home

A long overdue post on my travels from New Orleans back to the Portland, Oregon before setting off for the long haul.

Marfa to New Orleans

One great city to the next, from Austin to New Orleans

Monticello to Marfa

Rambling through New Mexico towards that strange Art Colony Marfa, Texas in the West Texas Plains

Provo to Monticello, the Long Way

Journey from Provo to Vernal to Southern Utah to avoid snow

Portland to Provo

Journey from Portland to Provo