A Stint Home

When Motivation Wins

One week of not posting quickly transforms into four. After leaving New Orleans there was an enormous number of miles to cover and unlike the rest of the trip Ashley and I did not have a several day basecamp where writing came easy. But that fails to explain why I was not able to motivate myself into posting in the past two weeks while things have settled.

I arrived in the Bay a couple days into March and burnt a week helping Ashley with some work-related events and avoiding flash floods while playing tourist in San Francisco. I pulled into Portland a couple days ago and have been staying in the guest room of the ever so gracious Rosie. I plan to leave at the end of the week, tentatively. I am spending this time planning and putting more in storage before I set out on what amounts to about a year of travel.

I am intentionally homeless right now. And being here feels less like home than it ever has. It is not a bad feeling.

New Plans

When I set out two months ago I had a very set and romantic idea of the next year. A trip across the United States followed by the purchase of a vehicle that I would take as far south as possible. During the trip across the United States I learned definitively that I would rather spend four days in one place than four days in four places. That coupled with the additional costs and logistical hurdles posed by border crossing made me reevaluate. I would still like to do it but the level of planning needed would require a different sort of travel than I enjoy.

In one week I am driving down to the Channel Islands for a backpacking trip. After that trip I will head back up the Bay for a week to spend time with Ashley before flying to Mexico City. Once in Mexico City I will explore for about two weeks before I start at a language school in Guanajuato City, Guanajuato to polish up my Spanish for three months. It is cheaper than I expected.

The bus system is good, so while I may not be able to take all of the adventurous outings I would with a vehicle occasionally renting a car and splitting it with newly made friends should balance it all out. I toyed with the idea of a motorcycle but my better judgment and pocket book won out.

I plan to play it by ear. I may dislike the school and head out after a week.

Events Not Documenting

I am skipping over a large swath of the trip as I've waited too long to turn it into a good, cohesive narrative.


Regularly scheduled trip programming will return. Expect a write up on backpacking the Channel Islands and adventure in Mexico City. I have some other projects in the works I hope to post about in the coming months that are more technology and data analysis related.

I am always looking for travel suggestions!